Learn the difference between making artwork
and making your art work.

You have a unique gift and you deserve to bring it into the world while getting the bills paid and keeping the rest of your life in sane balance.

Welcome to your clear path from starving artist to thriving artist. Start with our core Bootcamps to take you through everything you need to unlock the secrets of how to thrive as a working artist. Supplement with our Intensives that dive deep into topics and tools you’ll need as you advance.

YOU ARE AN ARTIST — Now live like one!


3 modules to explode the potential of your creative career. Taught by two people who both art and art direct for a living PLUS lifetime access to our private community of creative professionals. Resource sharing that only keeps growing, and is searchable 🙂


Proven strategies to get your work found by the people you want to reach. It’s not enough to have great work, you need to get seen by the right people. Our strategies and formulas will get you there.


Your work might be great but are you hireable? Make sure your portfolio and website is presenting you in the best light, and learn the tricks to making art directors and clients feel confident in giving you that commission.


Cover all the ins and outs of having your financial bases covered. You don’t want to end up with lots of great clients and no rent money. We go over all the paperwork that scares us and the money fears that keep artists up at night.

“I had a fair bit of confidence in the worth of this course going in, despite having never had any previous interaction with Marc and Lauren – their Drawn and Drafted videos spoke to their knowledge and commitment. I had no previous art business experience outside of what I could glean in bits and pieces from artist blogs. I knew that access to the community of like minded artists motivated enough to take part in this course would be extremely valuable in and of itself.

That has absolutely been the case—I went from having zero friends in the industry to a plethora just via taking an active role in this experience and FB community and then building on that. The modules plus the active encouragement of the group has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a lot of events I would have previously been too shy to attend, with confidence and insight into how to make best use of those opportunities. The effect has snowballed, and I can only say that taking part has been a huge success for me professionally.”

Bruce Brenneise


Our intensives are designed to get you more robust training and tools for specific projects. Complete with downloadable templates, worksheets, and lots of one-on-one.

KICK START ART is a crowdfunding intensive with guest instructor Stephanie Law.

This intensive is packed with step by step instructions on how to plan, budget, and execute a successful creative project on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites. More than just good advice, you will get downloadable templates Stephanie used to pull in $116k for her art book.

THE ART OF THE PITCH is an intensive with guest instructor Mallory O’Meara.

Whether you’re talking to friends, clients, or even just yourself, Mallory will show you how to tell your story in a way that compels and excites your audience. Includes live workshop sessions and critiques for a limited time.

TYPE + DESIGN for ARTISTS is a “Design for Non-Designers” crash course with our own Lauren Panepinto.

We all have to be designers at some point. Web sites, online shops, postcards, even just envelopes to mail cards or our creative work all need to be designed. Lauren will give you all the tools you need to approach any design problem with confidence.

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