YOU’RE AN ARTIST – Now live like one.


You have a unique gift and you deserve to bring it into the world while getting the bills paid and keeping the rest of your life in sane balance.


But you wonder…how is that possible?


Look, we get it. You’ve been sold a very old myth about the starving artist. The neurotic artist. About making art for art’s sake. About how it takes genius or luck to “make it” as an artist. About artists keeping their secrets on lockdown.
In short, you’ve been sold a very old myth about the perils of life as an artist that only a lucky few escape from.

You want to believe it’s just a myth, and maybe you feel like:


  • You’re stuck, or spinning your wheels.
  • You’re missing out on potential opportunities.
  • Everyone else is getting ahead but you.
  • You’re shooting in the dark when finding clients.
  • People in the art world are a little stand-offish, unwilling to share their secrets.
  • Your work is out of balance with the rest of your life.


Or, you just simply want to make more money from your art.


Imagine it, making a solid living from your art in a sane and stable way? What would that feel like?


It would feel like the difference between making artwork,
and making your art work.

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