5 Reasons Artists Don’t Want to Learn Art Business

I’m an Art Director, and I talk to artists on all experience and success levels. It’s really eye-opening to me that most artists have the same doubts, fears, and roadblocks — whether they’re just starting out or at the top of their field. I see the same patterns over and over, and I want to share my perspective with all artists, so they realize they’re all struggling together. After a few years of educating artists in Art Business, I’ve definitely noticed some patterns holding artists back. Are you stopping yourself from building the Art Career you want?

SOS! I’m Not Earning A Living Off My Art

Being a professional artist is your dream. But art careers don’t come easy, and the reality of how hard it can be to make a living in a field where you have to design your own path is daunting. As an artist you’re subject to fickle fanbases, unpredictable trends, and budgets very easily affected by shifting economic outlooks. At some point you may have to face that feeling in the pit of your stomach and realize that you’re just not making ends meet on your art alone.

SOS! I Don’t Know What to Charge

You’re courting a new client, and it seems like they’re interested. They ask you the dreaded question: “How much?” What do you do? If you quote too low, you’re not making enough money, and you’ll end up hating the job. But if you quote the real worth of the job, will you lose the client? Let us walk you through some negotiation scenarios.