What you need to know about typography and layout to showcase your own work.

How it works

  1. Written course content released weekly over 5 weeks.
  2. Four live Q&A sessions
  3. Live critiques of select student work
  4. Homework, designed to help you hammer in these fundamentals

Who should take this course?

This course is for you if you

  1. Have a website
  2. Ever send a postcard or email
  3. Have a presence on any social media site
  4. Make any kind of visual art
  5. Have any kind of online store

(So yes, pretty much everyone)

Design is a discipline all it’s own, and you can spend a lifetime learning it. Or, you could get a crash course from someone else who’s spent a lifetime studying it and working professionally in the field, so you can get back to making your own art as quickly as possible.

Lauren Panepinto has been a professional graphic designer for over 15 years. As an Art Director and Creative Director in book publishing, she has solved the problem of “how do I put type over this art without f*cking it up” thousands of times. Let her walk you through the basics of Typography and Layout, and then specifically focus on the most common applications of design that non-designers wrestle with: social media posts, websites, business cards, promo materials, and portfolios.

After this course you will have a grasp of what design style works best for you personally, and how to control the subconscious cues of design to work with—instead of against—your art, just like an oscar-worthy supporting actor playing to the lead role.

Registration opens Q3 2018

Lauren Panepinto


After 15 years designing and art directing book covers, Lauren Panepinto has worked in every publishing genre and collaborated with artists of all disciplines. As the Creative Director of the Orbit Books division of the Hachette Book Group for the past nine years, she has been developing covers for commercial fiction, genre fiction, and graphic novels, as well as overseeing the advertising and promotion visuals of the imprint brands overall. She has designed bestselling covers for Iain Banks, Mira Grant, James S. A. Corey, Brent Weeks, and Gail Carriger, among many others.

Not content to just design covers, Lauren has written about science fiction and fantasy art for ImagineFX magazine, io9.com, Orbitbooks.net, and as a columnist at Muddy Colors. Lauren has been very active in the role of art business education, not only at a panelist, presenter, and portfolio reviewer at SDCC, NYCC, Spectrum, and Illuxcon, but also as an adjunct professor in the graduate program at NYU, as well as a frequent guest lecturer at numerous art schools. Lauren has curated gallery shows for the Society of Illustrators in New York City and Krab Jab in Seattle. She is a frequent art competition judge, most recently for the Society of Illustrators and ImagineFX’s Rising Stars issue.

Lauren graduated from The School of Visual Arts with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. She has worked in fashion (Perry Ellis), television (MTV), and for boutique design firms, but found her true calling in book publishing. She has worked at St. Martin’s Press/Picador Books, at Doubleday/Random House, and now at Hachette Book Group.

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