In 2015 we offered our first course live at a conference based on questions we were hearing from artists. We knew we hit a nerve when we were flooded with requests for more, so we got straight to work developing a core course track. We’ve taken everything from our combined decades of years of experience as artists and art directors, our passion to help artists, the content from our live courses and PDFs, and have expanded, refined, and distilled it all into these three bootcamp courses.

These three tracks are designed for you to go through in order, each one building on the skills learned in the previous, BUT each is valuable on its own, so if you feel confident in one area but need help in another, choose what bootcamp is right for you. If you’re not sure, get in touch. We’ll help you figure out what course(s) best fit your needs.


Bootcamp 1: Getting Found


In this Bootcamp we give you the tools and strategies you’ll use to boost your signal and get noticed.

Learn techniques to get noticed by paying clients.
Learn the tricks to authentic networking that doesn’t make you cringe.
Know when your work is ready for paying clients.
Learn the roadmap to building an eager fan base

“This course was the catalyst for big changes that paid off. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to start rebranding their art into something they feel personally connected to and making a living out of it.”

-Lisa Fruhbeis

“Before the Bootcamp, my personal projects were not tied to the bigger picture of building my brand. The Bootcamps gave me the structure I needed to plan out larger-scale series with deeper narratives and also to forge a deeper connection with my audience and myself! I learned how to focus my time on not just the execution of my work, but also the presentation and marketing concepts behind it.”

– Candace Broersma (The Monster Buddy Project)


Bootcamp 2: Getting Hired


Now that you’ve got some attention, how do you close the deal and delight your clients?

In this bootcamp, you’ll learn:

The secrets to negotiating with potential clients and closing the deal.
How to negotiate a contract to get you the most protection and compensation.
How to set up an effective promotion schedule.
How long you can expect to wait before getting hired.
How to spot red flags and problem clients.
The secrets to building a lasting relationship with the clients you love most.

“Before the Bootcamps I needed to get higher paid jobs, but the task just overwhelmed me. The Bootcamp taught me where to focus my energies, how to strategically plan and master the step, and things I didn’t consider to be part of my business like how to find mentors and how to approach clients. Now I have a new portfolio that gets great online responses, a long term strategy for my finances and the direction of my art, and a dream job doing a comic strip for a big newspaper on my own terms.”

-Lisa Fruhbeis

“I knew how to find art directors, but I had no idea what to say to them in virtual scenarios. I sent emails, but I never heard back from any art directors. Once I started following the Bootcamp formula for emails, I got a whopping 75% response rate. The Bootcamps offer a lot of personal attention, they practice what they preach and it works!”

-Dougie Hoppes, Illustrator


Bootcamp 3: Getting Paid


Learn the secrets to getting paid well, on time, and consistently.

Learn what to include in a contract to protect yourself.
Learn the tricks to make sure you get paid on time and what to do if you don’t.
Learn who can help you if you’re getting radio silence from a client.
Learn the right way to follow up with a client.
Know what it looks like when they are going right.

“I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling lost with the direction of their art business and wants to have a good grounding in what they need to do better. The advice is brilliant and the community as well is amazing and it’s great to be able to keep coming back to that community for support and feedback.”
– Emily Hare




Live Q & A’s


These are no passive downloads! There will be 4  live Q&A’s during the 4 weeks) of the course, where you and other course members can ask questions. These will be made available as a recording for those who can’t attend the live Q&A’s.

A $1500 value

Membership to the MakeYourArtWork Facebook Group

This doesn’t just end with an ass-pat and a good luck. You also get lifetime access to an exclusive, members only, Facebook group.

You’ll never be alone as you move forward in your career. Once you get access, you’ll forever be part of a network of like-minded, motivated artists who love to share their knowledge with the group.

A $200/month value

“The Facebook group was very important to making these changes stick. Doing the steps in an active community was very helpful, and Lauren and Marc took their time answering our questions. The whole community was there to support me.”

– Lisa Frühbeis



A downloadable cheat sheet to hang on your wall to keep you on track during the course, and to serve as a visual reminder and guide long after the course is over. Never forget what you learned, or why you’re doing what you do.

Paste them on your wall as a visual reminder of everything you’ll learn in the course, and to keep you focused and on track once the course is over.

They’ll help you stay on top of your social media, your portfolio, and even help you figure out how to get paid or what project you should do.

A $79 value included in the course for FREE.


Registration opens January 2018