Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio Review Cats

The most rewarding feedback and artist can get is a one-on-one session with an Art Director who can look at your work and give you specific advice about your career and what your next steps should be to move towards your art goals. If you’re not sure what your goals are, a portfolio review can act as a career coaching session. An Art Director or Experienced Professional who has teaching experience can evaluate your work and match it against years of industry knowledge to point you in the direction of where your style and skill level will fit.

A portfolio review is traditionally given in person at conventions and professional events, where lines can stretch for hours. Unfortunately many artists can’t get themselves in front of an Art Director for a review. One of our most frequent questions on DearAD is “How do I get a review from an Art Director?” Especially now that all in-person events have been cancelled, and no one has access to in-person portfolio reviews, we have been building a platform under our Dear Art Director project to provide access this vital feedback.

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