Marc Scheff

Marc Scheff

Heya, I’m Marc,

I grew up in in Boston. I graduated from Harvard with a degree in computer science and went on to earn a BFA in illustration from The Academy of Art University. I have sat on both sides of many tables and have worked as a freelance artist, art director, creative director, community organizer, curator, and more. I was even the Chief Morale Officer of a tech startup in San Francisco for a bit.

My own work  has been featured in publications like ImagineFX and annuals like Spectrum and Infected By Art. I’m most excited about my new body of portrait work in resin and this work has won awards in both the ARC Salon and Creative Quarterly, as well as a mini-solo show at Haven Gallery, and in group shows across the US.

I have served as a Board Member for ICON : The Illustration Conference, and as the 2015 VP / Show Chair for the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. Lauren and I also curated the Visionarium show at The Society of Illustrators, right here in New York.

You can find me teaching the figure drawing Bootcamp (I’m all about bootcamps) and intro Illustration course at Smart School, or as a regular guest AD/Curator at the Illustration Master Class. You can also find me hanging out in our super secret FB group for our Make Your Art Work Bootcampers.

Lauren Panepinto

Lauren Panepinto

Hi! I’m Lauren,

After 15 years designing and art directing book covers, I have worked in every publishing genre and collaborated with artists of all disciplines. As the Creative Director of Orbit Books and Yen Press for the past five years, I merge the worlds of genre and commercial publishing and figure out what SciFi/Fantasy publishing looks like in the present world of mainstream “geek” media. Most of my days are spent collaborating with illustrators and photographers, keeping up to date on trends and new artists working in all genres, and going to professional events and conventions to review portfolios and help develop new talent.

But we all start somewhere, which is kind of the point of the Make Your Art Work project, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my humble beginnings making punk rock show posters and ‘zines, and going to get a B.A. in Graphic Design from The School of Visual Arts. I have worked a lot of different gigs in various industries, like in fashion for Perry Ellis, or film/TV for MTV, and for boutique design firms. I found my calling in publishing and have spent most of my professional career in multiple publishing houses, but I’m still known to do branding and design for startups and the cocktail world.

Community is a huge part of my life, both professional and personal, and through the Drawn + Drafted projects, my Muddy Colors column, and my endless portfolio reviews, I give back to the art world and develop new talent as much as I can. Make Your Art Work is the next step on my particular journey, and it make sense as I work with artists at all levels to push them to their own next step. There’s nothing better than helping an artist level-up, whether it’s to their first big book cover, their first gallery sale, or whatever goal they have been dreaming of but afraid to reach for. I have seen how much benefit artists gain when shown how to look at their work from the art director’s point of view, and I am thrilled to share that POV and insider knowledge to as many artists as possible.