What we do

Our mission is to help artists build strong, sustainable careers. We help artists get their bases covered so they can stop worrying and get back to why they became artists in the first place: to make their art work.

Why we do it

We are artists, and Art Directors. We understand what the view is like on the other side of the table. Sharing the mysterious secrets helps artists deliver better work, and stick around to deliver even more. Selfish, we know.

Who we are

Marc and Lauren Stephanie Law Mallory O'Meara

Our Art Business Bootcamp is run by two creatives who also happen to be an Art Director and a Curator who hires artists. Our Kick Start Art program is led by crowdfunding expert Stephanie Law whose formula has helped students hit over 700% of their goals. And our Art of the Pitch is led by Mallory O’Meara who has successfully pitched movies, books, podcasts. Her book “Lady from the Black Lagoon” is available for pre-order now!


Q: Should I do spec work?

A: No.