What we do

A creative career is only 50% about making art. The other half is business. It’s only half the battle to make great art — the other half is making sure it gets seen by the right people, and that you have the ability to sustain yourself while making more of that art. While there are many resources to teach the techniques of making art, there are very few that teach you how to build a strong career. That is what Make Your Art Work — and it’s parent group Drawn + Drafted — is all about. We provide a platform to bring you Art Business Education from professional artists, writers, producers, art directors, crowdfunders, lawyers, business experts, and mental health professionals. Because the stronger your foundation is, the more art you can make.

Why we do it

Make Your Art Work was founded by art directors who have had the perspective to see how poorly arts schools prepare their students for working in the real world. Whether artists graduate from an established program or are self-taught, there is no one place to learn the business skills you need to promote your work, protect yourself legally, learn how to network, and learn the skills that will last over a long term career. That makes our job as art directors, editors, and producers much harder, because so much time and effort is lost in misunderstandings. Collectively we work with thousands of artists, and most have the same questions. Make Your Art Work’s classes and resources are place where you can find the answers you can trust, and our professional groups are the support team that gives you access to the peer group you need on hand to deal with the real-world issues that come up in your career.

Who we are

Marc and Lauren Stephanie Law